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A 'Z deformity' may occur in rheumatoid arthritis. It is seen at the thumb and consists of hyperextension of the interphalangeal joint, and fixed flexion and subluxation of the metacarpophalangeal joint. Last reviewed 01/2018 A mnemonic to remember the features of Z deformity of the hand in rheumatoid arthritis is: WRD UPP Mnemonic Consider mnemonic to be pronounced word up to help remember it. WR: wrist radial deviation DU: digits ulnar deviation PP: proxima.. Z-thumb or Z-deformity consists of hyperextension of the interphalangeal joint, fixed flexion and subluxation of the metacarpophalangeal joint and gives a Z appearance to the thumb.: 1098 The hammer toe deformity may be seen. In the worst case, joints are known as arthritis mutilans due to the mutilating nature of the deformities A to Z: Deformity, Acquired. May also be called: Acquired Deformity; Post-Traumatic Deformity. An acquired deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part as a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, or tumor. More to Know. A deformity is any sort of disfigurement or distortion that makes a part of the body a different size or shape than it would be normally

Swan-neck deformity. The base and top joint of your finger bend downward, but the middle joint is straight. Hitchhiker's thumb: Also called a z-shaped deformity. Your thumb flexes at the joint. A to Z: Deformity, Congenital A to Z: Deformity, Congenital. May also be called: Birth Defect; Congenital Abnormality; Congenital Anomaly; Congenital Disorder; Congenital Defect. A congenital deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part caused by a condition that a baby is born with. More to Kno iv. Open Z-lengthening. Figure 5-1. Toe-standing/walking due to congenital contracture of the gastrocnemius muscles in an otherwise normal child. Positional Calcaneovalgus Deformit. 1. Definition — Deformity. a. Congenital positional hyperdorsiflexion and valgus deformity of the hindfoot (Figure 5-2A) b. Differential diagnosis is

Deformity may arise from numerous causes: Genetic mutation. Damage to the fetus or uterus. Complications at birth. A growth or hormone disorder. Reconstructive surgery following a severe injury, e.g. burn injury. Arthritis and other rheumatoid disorders True swan-neck deformity does not affect the thumb, which has one less joint than the other fingers. However, in a variant of swan-neck deformity, called duck-bill, Z (zigzag) type, or 90°-angle deformity, the top joint of the thumb is severely overstraightened with a bending in of the joint at the base of the thumb to form a 90° angle Therefore, it is safe to say that Z-plasty is a meaningful surgical method for correction of post-thyroidectomy swallowing deformity. However, the authors also pity the fact that there the number of cases was insufficient and consider this to be a limitation, such that further long-term studies will be necessary in the future Joint deformity can have many different forms depending on the cause and the joint involved. The typical joint is an area where two bones join together. There is cartilage over the bones on each side of the joint. Ligaments bind the bones to give the joint stability. Surrounding the joint is a fluid-producing tissue called the synovium, and it.

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noun, plural de·form·i·ties. the quality or state of being deformed, disfigured, or misshapen. Pathology. an abnormally formed part of the body. a deformed person or thing. hatefulness; ugliness About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. ஆங்கிலம் [தொகு] பொருள் [தொகு]. z deformity, பெயர்ச்சொல்.; இஸட் உருக்குறை. deformity - tłumaczenie na polski oraz definicja. Co znaczy i jak powiedzieć deformity po polsku? - zniekształcenie, deformacja (np. ciała); brzydota, szpetota Zaloguj si

Outcomes were assessed by correction of Z deformity during pinch, tendon transfer insertion pullout during early active mobilization, range of motion at the thumb metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints, and postoperative treatment time. Data from historical records of 20 thumbs with split FPL to extensor pollicis longus (EPL) and 3 weeks'. A to Z: Deformity, Congenital. May also be called: Birth Defect; Congenital Abnormality; Congenital Anomaly; Congenital Disorder; Congenital Defect. A congenital deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part caused by a condition that a baby is born with

A c deformity: Arnold-chiari yapılış bozukluğu. A-c kusuru. Angular deformity knitting: Bacakların uzun kemiklerinde ve ekleme yakın bölgelerinde oluşmuş kırıkların hatalı kaynaması sonucu kemiklerde açılanma oluşması. Açılı kötü kaynama. Dandy walker deformity: Dandy-walker deformitesi. Dandy-walker sendromu A to Z: Deformity, Acquired May also be called: Acquired Deformity; Post-Traumatic Deformity An acquired deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part as a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, or tumor

deformity n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (disfigurement or abnormality) تشوّه، عاهة : Over the years, Aaron became less ashamed of his deformity. هل هناك شيء مهم ناقص؟ أبلغ عن خطأ أو اقترح تحسينًا Swan-neck deformity: The base of the finger and the outermost joint bend, while the middle joint straightens. Hitchhiker's thumb: The thumb flexes at the metacarpophalangeal joint and hyperextends at the interphalangeal joint below your thumb nail. It is also called Z-shaped deformity of the thumb

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  1. Foot deformity symptoms. Foot deformities are a wide array of conditions that affect the bones and tendons in the feet. A foot deformity can be as common as a bunion or a hammer toe, or rarer like fused toes (tarsal coalition), a club foot, a flat foot, mallet toes and various other foot conditions
  2. Deformity definition is - the state of being deformed. How to use deformity in a sentence
  3. Z-Thumb Deformity . Z-Thumb Deformity . Bookmark. Share. Overview. Look For ; Flexion at the interphalangeal joint at the thumb with hyperextension at the metacarpophalangeal joint; Significance; A sign of rheumatoid arthritis..
  4. deformity definition: 1. the situation in which a part of the body has not developed in the normal way or with the normal. Learn more
  5. g a bump. Symptoms typically develop in mid- to late-childhood or early adolescence (around 6 to 13 years of.
  6. This new procedure is described as an analogous operation to Extensor Diversion Graft Operation for correction of claw fingers (Srinivasan H.) (5). The procedure is found useful to stabilise the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb preventing or correcting Z-deformity and weakness of the pinch sho

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Rumo ao global elite True swan-neck deformity does not affect the thumb, which has only one interphalangeal joint. However, severe hyperextension of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb with flexion of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint can occur; this is called a duck bill, Z (zigzag) type, or 90 °-angle deformity. With simultaneous thumb instability, pinch is greatly impaired

The most recognizable congenital foot deformity is the clubfoot deformity, which is characterized by plantar flexion of the ankle, inversion of the foot, and adduction of the forefoot. Manipulative treatment of congenital foot deformities, which requires manual repositioning and serial casting, should be initiated immediately after birth Deformity may arise from numerous causes: Genetic mutation; Damage to the fetus or uterus; Complications at birth; A growth or hormone disorder; Reconstructive surgery following a severe injury, e.g. burn injury; Arthritis and other rheumatoid disorders; Fractured bones left to heal without being properly se Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of deformity): Arnold-Chiari deformity (deformity in which part of the brain protrudes through the skull) clawfoot; pes cavus (a deformity of the foot characterized by an abnormally high arch and hyperextension of the toes which gives the foot the appearance of a claw

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An acquired deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part as a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, or tumor. More to Know A deformity is any sort of disfigurement or distortion that makes a part of the body a different size or shape than it would be normally Aug 12, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by dr mooni. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Many of these deformities result from a combination of muscular, anatomical and neurological dysfunction. For example, in the hereditary sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease, some muscles become weaker than others. This leads to an imbalance of forces across the foot and ankle, which in turn leads to deformity Sprengel deformity (also referred to as congenital elevation of the scapula) is a complex anomaly that is associated with malposition and dysplasia of the scapula. [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] This condition.. Sprengel deformity is a rare congenital disorder in which the shoulder blade (scapula) is too high on one side of the body. The affected abnormal shoulder blade is also abnormally connected to the spine, often restricting movement of the shoulder

An imperfection, either cosmetic or functional. Deformities are basically birth defects Learn about complications of injuries and illnesses and conditions that affect the size and shape of body parts The frequency of deformities was as follow; swan neck deformity (48.90%), boutonniere deformity (43.04%), Z deformity(59.5%), ulnar deviation of the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCPJ) (78.7%), radial deviation of the wrist (91.48%), subluxation of the wrist (27.6%), and subluxation of the MCPJ(36.17%).There was a significant correlation between. Skewfoot is the name given to a congenital birth defect during the formation and growth of bones in the foot of the baby. It is also known by the name of Z foot or Serpentine Foot. It is also considered to an acute form of a foot deformity called as Metatarsus Adductus. In this deformity, the baby's foot has a C shaped appearance to it

Example sentences with Z-shaped deformity, translation memory. add example. en A rigid deck (11) is secured to the ends of the deformable members (16) by Z-shaped clips (29) so that the weight of a person on the deck is transferred to the deformable members (16), causing the latter to deform, and imposing a strain on the strain gauges Deformity. Profile: Death metal/90's Metalcore band from Belgium Sites: Facebook. Members: Bolle (3), Michael Pintelon, Steven Sanders [a252626] Artist . Edit Artist ; Share. Marketplace 73 For Sale. Vinyl and CD Discography. The Z - deformity is peculiar to the Crystalens accommodating IOL which is a hinged silicone plate haptic IOL. The cause is capsular contraction. Capsular Contraction Compression of the haptics Anterior Bowing of one of the haptics, posterior bowing of the other Tilting of the IOL optic Z - deformity Conclusion Even with multiple. REVERE® 6.35 Deformity is a large diameter rod system that offers adaptability, ease of use, and a wide range of Read More REVERE® Derotation Syste

Sprengel deformity is a congenital condition characterized by abnormal development and elevation of the shoulder blade (scapula). Severity can range considerably from being almost invisible when covered with clothes, to the shoulder being elevated over 5 centimeters, with neck webbing. Signs and symptoms may include a lump in the back of the base of the neck and limited movement in the. Information about the SNOMED CT code 239906004 representing Z deformity of thumb

A deformity, dysmorphism, or dysmorphic feature is a major abnormality in the shape of a body part or organ compared to the normal shape of that part. (en) Eine Deformität ist eine größere Abweichung der Gestalt des Körpers oder eines Körperteils vom üblichen Erscheinungsbild. Eine pränatale Deformität wird auch als Fehlbildung bezeichnet Thumb deformity 1. Ashraf Abdelaziz MD Lecturer of orthopedic surgery Hand and reconstructive surgery Alzhraa University Hospital Al-Azhar university 2016 2. Introduction Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common cause of chronic inflammatory joint disease. Most typical features are a Symmetrical polyarthritis Tenosynovitis Morning.

Wei J, Herrler T, Xu H, Li Q, Dai C. Double Composite Tissue Z-plasty Technique for Anatomical Restoration of Severe Nasal Deformity in Secondary Unilateral Cleft Lip. Ann Plast Surg. 2017 Aug 14. . Yan W, Zhao ZM, Yin NB, Song T, Li HD, Wu D, et al Chiari type 1 deformity Chiari type 1 deformity is a hindbrain disorder associated with elongation of the cerebellar tonsils, which descend below the foramen magnum into the spinal canal. Defined as cerebellar tonsillar herniation ≥ 5 mm below the foramen magnum 1). The hindbrain is not malformed but deformed. Accordingly, Chiari type 1 deformity, not Chiari type 1 malformation. Z thumb deformity. Hidden Looks like my Z thumb is unusual, which is a good thing I suppose. (Except for me!) Seeing the nurse on Wed so hope to get referred to OT. Reply (0) Report. Hidden. Sorry no one else has come forward Phoebe but as you say it's probably for the best (except for you of course ;-() TTx

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  1. ent bone at the posterior (back) of the heel bone. The bump created by the bone often results in an irritated, red area that flares up occasionally, causing localized pain and swelling on the heel
  2. A Z deformity of thumb during pinch in ulnar nerve paralysis. Patient had the lasso procedure for claw deformity of digits a year earlier. B At 18 months' follow-up after split flexor pollicis longus to A1 pulley. C Thumb position during pinch. Interphalangeal (IP) and metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint extension and D IP and MCP joint flexion
  3. Massively sped up time-lapse of one early civilization, a primitive community building itself from raw nature over generations of real time. Just as a thought comes that they've reached the stage where they need walls to protect what can now be destroyed, and one wall of an enclosure has been built, I watch as a gigantic rhino beast smashes in and tramples all their with into splinters

14 synonyms of deformity from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for deformity. Deformity: something that spoils the appearance or completeness of a thing. Synonyms: blemish, blight, blotch Find the right word. SINCE 1828 Hand deformities of the patients Deformities n % At least one hand deformity 95 93 Synovial hypertrophy 68 66.7 Metacarpophalangeal joint subluxation 26 25.5 Ulnar deviation of MCP joints 89 87.3 Radial deviation of the wrists 37 36.3 Boutonniere deformity 43 42.2 Swan neck deformity 34 33.3 Fusiform finger 37 36.3 Z deformity of the thumb 64. Z-plasty corrects a dog-ear deformity without skin excision by recruiting tissue from the axis of the standing cone and redistributing it along another. We describe dog-ear correction using the Z-plasty technique A Boutonniere deformity can happen for several reasons. It can happen from a cut of the tendon on the back of the finger or the thumb. It can also be due to tearing or weakening of the same tendon due to an injury or from a disease like rheumatoid arthritis.This results in the bent position of the joint

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Unspecified acquired deformity of hand, right hand. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Billable/Specific Code. M21.941 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be. The MTP deformity is addressed with an EDL tendon Z-lengthening and EDB tenotomy. If the deformity remains, sequentially the MTP joint capsule is released, followed by the dorsal third of the medial and lateral collateral ligaments. Further correction may necessitate a metatarsal shortening osteotomy and/or Girdlestone-Taylor FDL tendon transfer

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  1. Pediatric foot deformity is a term that includes a range of conditions that may affect the bones, tendons, and muscles of the foot. Among those most frequently treated at HSS are cavus foot, tarsal coalition, clubfoot, accessory navicular, and juvenile bunion
  2. The most common surgical procedure performed by hand surgeons in cerebral palsy for thumb-in-palm deformity is release of the adductor pollicis muscle from the middle metacarpal origin, with additional release of the thenar muscles or flexor pollicis longus, as indicated, to decrease the flexion adduction forces across the first ray
  3. The deformity has typically been secondary to traumatic fractures of the talus, calcaneus, or deep posterior compartment syndrome resulting from fractures of the tibia and fibula and most fractures of the ankle. These result in flexion contractures at the interphalangeal joint of the hallux
  4. Basilar thumb arthritis, sometimes referred to as thumb arthritis, is a common form of arthritis that affects the carpal-metacarpal joint of the thumb. Treatment is nonoperative or operative depending on the severity of symptoms and Eaton and Littler stage of disease
  5. Olympic Deformity Posterior Spinal Fixation System The Olympic Posterior Spinal Fixation System is a comprehensive system that offers a wide array of implant options and expansive instrumentation, designed to deliver intraoperative versatility and efficiency when addressing even the most difficult pathologies
  6. ence of the posterolateral corner of the calcaneus resulting in posterior heel pain and swelling around the insertion of the Achilles Tendon. [1] [2] It is associated with retrocalcaneal bursitis . [3

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  1. Boutonniere deformity is a deformed position of the fingers or toes, in which the joint nearest the knuckle (the proximal interphalangeal joint, or PIP) is permanently bent toward the palm while the farthest joint (the distal interphalangeal joint, or DIP) is bent back away (PIP flexion with DIP hyperextension).Causes include injury, inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and.
  2. ate knowledge on basic science and clinical research into the etiology, biomechanics, treatment methods and outcomes of all types of spinal deformities.The journal will enhance the mission of the Society, which is to foster the optimal care of all patients with spine deformities.
  3. NADIS is a unique online based animal health resource for farmers, vets and SQPs. The information is written by veterinary experts, peer-reviewed and presented in a practical format with a high visual clinical content to improve disease awareness and highlight disease prevention

{{configCtrl2.info.metaDescription}} This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies Erik's deformity was very similar to the book with several changes. Zniekształcenie Erika było bardzo podobne do książki z kilkoma zmianami. The shape of this deformity is a wide and high head. Forma tego zniekształcenia jest szeroką i wysoką głową. Or. Deformity, cauliflower-ear: Destruction of the underlying cartilage framework of the outer ear (pinnae), usually caused by either infection or trauma, resulting in a thickening of the ear.Classically, blood collects between the ear cartilage and the skin.There is a marked thickening of the entire ear which may be so extensive that the shape of the ear becomes unrecognizable

The following list of conditions have 'Finger deformity' or similar listed as a symptom in our database beginning with Z. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom The degree of deformity varies from a minor deformity, such as unequal or uneven fingers or thumb deformity, to a severe deformity, such as total absence of a bone. Early consultation with a hand surgeon is an important part of the treatment process for the child born with a hand deformity Gamekeeper deformity (metacarpal adduction, radial deviation of P1 with lax volar plate and UCL) Stage 1 (passively correctable): synovectomy, UCL reconstruction, and adductor fascia release Stage 2 (fixed deformity) MP arthroplasty or fusion: Type 5: Swan neck with MCP disease (MCP volar plate laxity) MP stabilized in flexion by volar. Boutonniere deformity: If treated early particularly when mobile then it usually settles very well with splintage: full time for the PIP joint for 6 weeks in extension ensuring DIP flexion and then gentle mobilisation. If the joint is painful a steroid injection is usually recommended to settle the pain and inflammation How many syllables are in Deformity syllable words. Use this free tool to find how many syllables are in a word

The boutonniere deformity may not occur right away. It is the imbalance in the extensor hood that results from the torn tendon that eventually causes the deformity. Because the middle phalanx no longer is pulled by the central slip, the flexor tendon on the other side begins to bend the PIP joint without resistance Dysmorphophobia (fear of deformity) is a broad term that encompasses multiple specific fears. Some people are afraid of becoming deformed or disfigured, while others fear those who have a disfiguring condition. Some expectant parents worry that their child will be born with a deformity DEFORMITY FREE by Jess Lin Deformity free is an AW13 women knitwear high- end collection inspired by minority groups of people who has disability or illness that affects their appearances, in order make contrast and question nowadays' standard of beauty created by the world's society 1 Deformity páteře Rozkydal Z.2 Fyziologická zakřivení páteře Osa frontální Osa sagitální Krčn.. deformity and 6 patients (7 forearms) with Masada type IIb deformity. The mean amount of ulnar lengthening was 4.2 ± 1.2cm. The mean RAA improved from 37 ± 8 to 30 ± 7° initially (p = 0.005) and relapsed to 34 ± 8° at the last follow-up (p = 0.255). There was a minimal deterioration of US yet significant improvement at the last follow-u

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A valgus deformity is a condition in which the bone segment distal to a joint is angled outward, that is, angled laterally, away from the body's midline. The opposite deformation, where the twist or angulation is directed medially, toward the center of the body, is called varus.Common causes of valgus knee (genu valgum or knock-knee) in adults include arthritis of the knee and traumatic. Typical beak deformity in a (Poecile atricapillus) affected by avian keratin disorder in Anchorage, Alaska. Attribution: Contaminant Biology, Environmental Health Program. March 31, 2016. Boreal Chickadee with a mildly deformed beak . A Boreal Chickadee with a mildly deformed beak The Denali Deformity Spinal System is a top-loading spinal system featuring off-axis screw height adjustment and offering a complete array of screws, rod connectors, and hooks, coupled with easy-to-use instrumentation. This comprehensive system is poised to address a wide range of complex spinal pathologies Conclusion: Z-Plasty lengthening of Achilles tendon for correction of equinus deformity of foot in children with cerebral palsy produces good short term results. Significant number of patients. deformity (n.) early 15c., diformyte, condition of being deformed; physical malformation or distortion, especially disproportionate or unnatural development of a part or parts, from Old French deformité deformity, disfigurement (Modern French difformité), from Latin deformitatem (nominative deformitas) ugliness, hideousness, deformity, from deformis misformed, misshapen, from.

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You are in: Home > Services A-Z Home > Scottish National Spine Deformity Service > The Team Top. CONTACT NHS LOTHIAN. Lothian NHS Board Waverleygate 2-4 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3EG Main Switchboard: 0131 242 1000 YOUR RIGHTS. Compliments, Concerns & Complaints; Freedom of Information; OUR VALUES INTO ACTION. Synonyms for deformity include defect, disfigurement, abnormality, imperfection, malformation, misshapenness, blemish, crookedness, flaw and ugliness. Find more.

The wide range of spinal deformity treated at Mayo Clinic encompasses all forms of scoliosis and kyphosis, high-grade spondylolisthesis, and cervical spine and post-laminectomy deformity, as well as revision surgeries. Intraoperative monitoring to measure neural function and integrity is performed by highly trained technicians and monitored by. Průvodce výslovností: Naučte se vyslovovat deformity v angličtina. Anglický překlad slova deformity Pincer nail deformity is the extreme, transverse, proximal-to-distal overcurvature of the finger, caused by osteophyte of the distal phalanx, and causing clamp effect on soft tissues and nail ingrowth. We report a new technique consisting of removal of the osteophyte causing clamp effect. Depressed areas of both side of the nail bed (lateral. Przewodnik po wymowie: naucz się jak wymawiać deformity w angielski w natywnej wymowie. Tłumaczenie i wymowa deformity Anatomic zones of the gastrocsoleus complex

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Z-cut Osteotomy for Correction of Adult Acquired Pes Planovalgus Deformity. July 2018; Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics 3(3):2473011418S0004; DOI: 10.1177/2473011418S0004 Definition of Musculoskeletal Deformity in the Titi Tudorancea Encyclopedia. Meaning of Musculoskeletal Deformity. What does Musculoskeletal Deformity mean? Proper usage and sense of the word/phrase Musculoskeletal Deformity. Information about Musculoskeletal Deformity in the Titi Tudorancea encyclopedia: no-nonsense, concise definitions Tłumaczenie deformity : şekil bozukluğu, sakatlık. Przeczytaj więcej w słowniku angielsko-tureckim Cambridge You are in: Home > Services A-Z Home > Scottish National Spine Deformity Service . Top. CONTACT NHS LOTHIAN. Lothian NHS Board Waverleygate 2-4 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3EG Main Switchboard: 0131 242 1000 YOUR RIGHTS. Compliments, Concerns & Complaints; Freedom of Information; OUR VALUES INTO ACTION.

Mild deformity or instability can be corrected with either Z-lengthening of the extensor tendon or tenotomy. Moderate to severe MTP hyperextension can be managed with dorsal capsular release and extensor tendon Z-lengthening. In patients with continued subluxation, flexor tendon transfer can be performed, thereby converting a deforming force at. 'deformity' přeloženo ve vícejazyčném online slovníku. Překlady z češtiny do angličtiny, francouzštiny, němčiny, španělštiny, italštiny, ruštiny.

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Beak deformities occur somewhat commonly in chickens, and can be congenital or acquired. They can be caused by a number of different factors, including poor diet, genetics, trauma/injury, disease/parasites, tumor growth, and inappropriate incubation technique. The two most common types of beak deformities are scissors beak and parrot beak.Parrot beak: Parrot beak, medically referred to as. Gait deformity I know that I have always been a very uncoordinated person. I was never good at any sport, I cannot dance, I cannot do anything well that requires me to move my muscles in a certain way. Remember, I'm the girl who kicked the soccer ball over her head and into my own goal? I just knew my inability to move my body was a fact of. Sprievodca výslovnosťou: Spoznajte výslovnosť deformity v Angličtina od rodený hovoriaci. Preklad a nahrávka deformity 5-2-2018 · Hammer toe is a Z-shaped deformity caused by dorsal subluxation at the metatarsophalangeal joint. Diagnosis is clinical. Treatment is.. music.amazon.i

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A nail disease or onychosis is a disease or deformity of the nail. Although the nail is a structure produced by the skin and is a skin appendage, nail diseases have a distinct classification as they have their own signs and symptoms which may relate to other medical conditions

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